South Africa's high-stress security environment: Keys to coping


Gerhard Schoeman
University of South Africa


Self-help, Psychology, Security Studies, Stress handling, South Africa, coping mechanisms, personality types, African Studies, in-service training


Written to be accessible to those footsoldiers working in the security industry, this book is based on extensive research completed by the author. It offers a model for coping with stress in the dangerous security industry, as a unique work environment.

Chapters cover the following: Day-to-day South Africa: A violent way of life,  The security industry in South Africa, Understanding stress, Stress at work and how it impacts on us, Dealing with stress, Personality and coping: Know thyself – the key, Psychological resources and coping, A model for coping with stress in the security industry, The last word on stress and a way forward, an extensive Bibliography and an Index.

The book contains photos supplied by the author himself - offering an insider view to how training is done for security staff working in high-stress situations.

Print book: ISBN 978-1-77615-183-7
E-book: ISBN 978-1-77615-184-4

Author Biography

Gerhard Schoeman, University of South Africa

Gerhard Schoeman is a registered industrial psychologist in private practice with over three decades of experience. This book captures one of his passions, which is to support people working in a high-stress environment.

Having served in the South African Military Health Services, Schoeman increasingly began to advise specialist groups such as VIP Protectors, the South African Air Force Task Force, OPS Medics and Nursing Staff on how to cope with stress. Over the years he gained wide experience in assessment, training, organisational development and teambuilding. His experience included consultation work for private security organisations within South Africa as well as for the Royal Swedish Airforce.

photo of two hooded figures, hands tied behind their backs, with a wire fence in the background, as if this is a hostage situation. the book title, subtitle and the author's name are also printed on the front cover.


July 1, 2023