Digital Techniques and Digital Skills in Organisations and Government in South Africa: An Environmental Scan


Hossana Twinomurinzi (ed)
University of Johannesburg
Nkosikhona Theoren Msweli (ed)
University of South Africa
Phuti Phukubje (ed)


Digital skills, Organisations, Work environment, Digital Age, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Computer skills


The National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA) has a mandate to ensure that South Africans have the necessary digital skills to participate in the 4IR. A part of the mandate is to establish an innovative and collaborative network focusing on digital skills with links to industry, academia, government and not-for-profit sectors both locally and internationally. The aim of the network is to “provide the evidence-based basis, through research and other available means, for decisions on how to innovatively address the opportunities and systemic challenges in achieving digital skills capacity in South Africa”.

This environmental scan report research report represents the beginning of a research journey that seeks to identify the changing nature of digital skills in South Africa as a result of technological advancements, more popularly known as the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). The 4IR represents the current era of an inter connectedness of things biological, physical and non-physical as a result of the rapid advancements in technological innovations. The innovations have resulted in new types of specialised skills required for new types of work while at the same time causing some previously routine skills to become obsolete.

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Author Biographies

Hossana Twinomurinzi, University of Johannesburg

Hossana Twinomurinzi is a C2 South Africa NRF Rated Researcher and Professor within the Department of Applied Information Systems, University of Johannesburg. He is currently an Associate Editor for the African Journal of Information and Communication. He has previously served as Director for the NEMISA Digital Skills Research Unit, Associate Editor at the African Journal of Information Systems, Chairperson for the ICT4D Flagship at Unisa, and Secretary for SAICSIT. His primary research interests are in Data Science, Digital Skills, Digital Government, Digital Innovation and ICT for development. He has supervised Masters and Doctoral students in the areas of data analytics, digital government and ICT for development.

Nkosikhona Theoren Msweli, University of South Africa

Nkosikhona T. Msweli  is an Emerging  Researcher and Research Project Manager within NEMISA K4I Unit  hosted at University of South Africa, School of Computing.  Her primary research interests are Digital Skills, Digital Innovation and ICT for Development.

Phuti Phukubje

In 2013 Phuti Phukubje joined Sentech SOC Ltd as an Executive: Audit & Investigation. 2018 March he started his own successful auditing firm, KEP Chartered Accountant. In March 2018 he was appointed as the Interim CEO at NEMISA NPC.

Prior to that he was Deputy Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee(ARC) at IPID (appointed by the then Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa). He was a member of ARC at the Police Civilian Secretariat, and a member of NEMISA Board & Chair of ARC. He is currently still the chair of ARC at MDDA (as appointed by the then Minister of Communications, Nomvula Mokonyane).



December 18, 2020

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