Digital Commerce Governance in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa


Rabelani Dagada
University of Johannesburg


Fourth Industrial Revolutionn, digital innovation, Business innovation, Banking Practice, Digitisation; South Africa, e-learning, Corona pandemic


The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is characterised by the internet of things, robotics and digitisation. The 4IR era is perceived as bringing massive retrenchments owing to the use of machines and sophisticated technologies in the workplace. The banking sector had been the most affected in this regard. However, the 4IR will also create jobs. We have seen how some entrepreneurs took advantage of the 4IR and revolutionised the transport and food industry and claimed the online retail buying space. This calls for a paradigm shift where people need to use entrepreneurial acumen to create both job and business opportunities in the digitised world. More importantly, the adoption of 4IR also implies that our education system and the curricula taught in schools and universities should also conform to the 4IR imperatives. The adoption of internet banking and digitisation within institutions also brought with it challenges such as phishing and hacking among others where cybercriminals who sometimes masquerade as being representatives from the banks defraud unsuspecting and naïve customers who unwittingly give out their banking login details to fraudsters who will transfer their money to their own accounts. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic also compels organisations to adopt digitisation where the education sector increased its use of e-learning and organisations are allowing staff to work remotely from home and hold virtual meetings. This book is an essential handbook that companies, universities, students and ordinary laymen alike should have in their possession to be able to navigate the security risks and seize the opportunities associated with the 4IR.

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Author Biography

Rabelani Dagada, University of Johannesburg
Rabelani Dagada is Professor of Practice in Fourth Industrial Revolution: Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


June 18, 2021