• Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe's Public Entities: Comparisons with South Africa and Australia

    Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe's Public Entities


    The role of public entities is crucial within the economies of developing and developed countries. They facilitate economic growth and sustainable development, help to attract global investment capital, while aiding to maintain economic stability and to stimulate economic growth. As business environments change, boards of directors form a vital solid buffer by ensuring good corporate governance.

    Corporate Governance in Zimbabwe's Public Entities breaks new ground by focusing on the governance and effectiveness of boards of directors in public enterprises in Zimbabwe. Benchmarking...

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  • Digital Commerce Governance in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa

    Digital Commerce Governance in the Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa


    Seasoned author Prof Rabelani Dagada explores the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on digital commerce, specifically for the South African and African environment.

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  • Give a little love: The Zayn Adam story

    Give a little love


    This is the story of Zayn Adam, an iconic member of the popular 1970s Cape Flats band, Pacific Express, with the narrative based on key interviews held  with people around the musician. The author explores the relationships between the various bands and their creation of music fusion as a means of transcending economic realities which forced this artistic reinvention upon which they had to rely as a means of survival, particularly when performing in white clubs. The author also explores the role of music as a form of cultural commentary and cultural memory against the backdrop of...

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photographic rendering of copper wired representation of a world globe shape on a wine red background, with title wording and names of editors at bottom

Mediating Open & Distance e-Learning in the Advent of Global Crises

Moeketsi Letseka (ed), Jennifer Roberts (ed), Akintolu Morakinyo (ed), Jennifer Roberts (ed)
November 27, 2023

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